Etch A Sketch Chalkboard

Diana Wearing
by Diana Wearing
Etch A Sketch ~ the original laptop…
I was never very good at creating anything more simple designs on these when I was a kid but the nostalgic old soul inside of me loves them anyway…easy to find at thrift stores and garage/estate sales they make fun chalkboards!
A simple little project…I just cleaned the screen with rubbing alcohol and then using a foam brush painted on a couple coats of chalkboard paint ~
According to the instructions on the can of chalkboard paint you need to wait 3 days before conditioning (seasoning) and writing on the new chalkboard surface. Conditioning or seasoning is important! If the surface is not seasoned whatever is drawn or written on the board the first time will remain faintly in the background even after it’s been erased (don’t skip this step) Seasoning is simple! Using the side of a piece of chalk just roll it over the entire surface and then erase it away…
Board on the right has been seasoned ~ left has not…
You can now write on your surface ~ I like these chalk markers for clean crisp lines but regular chalk works just fine too!
I’m really just a kid at heart, cleverly disguised as a responsible adult…
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