Faux Brick Wall With Paint

Jackie Notargiacomo
by Jackie Notargiacomo
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Changed drap to fab! Make that boring wall a conversation piece with paint, and a free weekend!

Why have an accent wall, when you can have a STATEMENT wall!

I was bored with my solid orange wall, and after visiting family on the east coast; was feeling exposed brick NYC-inspired. But living in a rental, there was no way i could get real bricks in place. I did however have a ton of leftover paints from prior projects and a lot of painters tape. So i began my mission to change my dining room wall into a focal point. 

Select your wall.

Step 1. Use painters tape (1 inch or larger) on adjacent walls, as to not transfer color to unintended areas. Add drop cloth to the floor.

Step 2. Add a primer base coat.
I used a slightly gray color. (This will become the 'grout' color between your bricks)

*Let this coat dry over night.

Step 3. This is the longest step - fair warning! Tape out your bricks with 1/4 inch painters tape. Use whatever brand you like best. I had to order my painters tape from amazon, b/c i could not find small enough width at the hardware stores.
Protip: Use a spoon to smooth down the tape and prevent messy edges.

(I had a moment and lost the painters tape, mid-project; so I used some masking tape - NOT recommended).

This step took me about 8 hours. But i did stop when my arms were tired or I was hungry.

Step 4. The MOST fun part! Sporadically paint the wall. You do not want the colors to look uniform. I used a chocolate brown base, then randomly added reds and oranges. But this was personal preference. If you want a more muted wall, use browns, tans and whites (eggshell). But again, whatever colors you like or think will match the look you are going for.
*Any paint rollers are fine for this part, as it doesn't need to be a perfect finish.

Step 5. Remove all the painters tape.

Step 6. ENJOY!

Suggested materials:
  • Paint
  • Painters tape   (*Look for this prior to painting)
  • Drop cloth
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  • Amy Ramsay Cartright Amy Ramsay Cartright on Jul 16, 2019

    I have one whole side, (and another 1/2 of back side) of my house where the siding/brick (depending on area) starts 4 ft above the ground, leaving a plain old concrete wall showing. I know this is because of the change in ground elevation. I’ve tried to plant different plants, bushes to hide it but either he plants take over, (which to me equals snake habitat), or they don’t cover thick enough. I have seen a few projects where faux rock sheets was put on it. Since it is basically facing the woods and an unused area of out yard I was looking for a very inexpensive thing to try first. Do you think this might work outdoors?

  • Angel Hoffer Angel Hoffer on Dec 14, 2019

    I would love to do this. I'm stumped on what color to do the rest of the room???

  • Judith Judith on Apr 23, 2020

    What you have done here is AMAZING !!! Your energy level is truly to be admired ! BUT, I have seen the stick-on wallpaper in the brick print, that would be so much easier than painting each individual color tone of bricks after mapping and taping. So my question for your statement is "why ?"

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