From Useless to Usefull.

by Emmie
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After staring at this fan that wouldn't work and my Aunt wouldn't return it, thought what the heck make it into something.
Take a fan that doesn't work. Any size, standing or not, or even the cover itself. If you really want to go all out, have a fan that works to have a multifunctional conversational piece.
After taking off the cover of this one, I poked a hole in the back of cover and inserted clock motor. You will have to either put a nut or something that keeps the motor from falling out ( I used a piece of straw). Which worked just as good. Also, be careful when putting a hole in this type of cover, mine crack a bit but not really noticeable.
Title of fan cover pretty much says it all.
-Added the numbers and some super of your choice that will hold numbers in place.

-Then added the hands (be careful for these hands shown are very delicate)

-Put cover back on and finished. You could also just hang cover on wall as is, it's up to you, either way it'll make a nice conversational piece.

-You may also want to take the round center piece off and put a clock in place but you will have to put something around the back that will keep it from falling out of place. I did try this but couldn't find a clock to put there that would fit.

-Or you can go all out and get a working fan and put add a clock to it to make it multifunctional.

- This is an easy project but I had trouble finding a tool to put a hole in plastic piece on fan cover.
Suggested materials:
  • 1 fan (how big/size up to you), working or not   (Just about any store that has a fan similar to this style)
  • Clock repair kit   (walmart online, where I had gotten this one)
  • Super glue   (any store that would sell the strong glue.)
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