Home Decor: DIY Modern Wall Art

by Carol
2 Materials
1 Hour

Use a black canvas and some acrylic paint to create a modern piece of DIY Wall Art

Today I want to share an easy DIY Modern Wall Art piece. This was done for our second bathroom. Mr. Chocolate is more a fan of copper than I am despite the fact that we live in The Copper State and I wanted to honor that. This was a different style for me but I had a LOT of fun doing it and it was super easy.


  • 16x20 Black Canvas
  • White, Grey, Copper Acrylic Paints
  • Paint Scraper Tool
  • Brushes
  • Paint Pen

I stock up on canvases when Michaels has them on sale so I picked up this 5 pack some time ago. The only think I bought for this project was the Folk Art Metallic Copper Paint (Walmart $1.97). The canvases are 5 for $12.99 so cost of one canvas $2.59.

Since the canvas was black which went with my color scheme, I didn't do a base coat.

After checking out a few videos, I just went for it! To start, I made a grid of dots with the white paint, then used the paint scraper to rough out a rectangle.

Since this was an abstract / modern look, I didn't go for perfection. I let the paint dry so it wouldn't bleed then did the same process with the grey paint.

As with most things I make, I just started playing around with the space. Once the grey was dry, I added the copper using the paint scraper. Then I switched to brushes to add some lines and fill in some spots. I also dry brushed white over some of the grey parts as shown.

Finally, I got out a black paint pen and drew some freehand lines. When I showed it to Mr. Chocolate, HE LOVED IT!

See? We don't even have a hand towel in this bathroom yet but I had this idea in my head and...priorities!

Easy Peasy.

I think it works well with this print we've had forever!

Suggested materials:
  • Black Canvas 5 Pack   (Michaels)
  • White, Grey, Copper Acrylic Paints   (Michaels / Walmart)
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