HOMETALK CLOCK Project Made for the September 2016 Contest.

Jeanette S
by Jeanette S
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I wanted to make a clock...something I have not tried before and I have to say scrambling around for ideas and making sure I made copies was very challenging for me...but oh so much fun! But my best thing was the help from my hubs and son!
BTW, I took out the battery and took off the second hand to make my "finished" photograph!
It runs and keeps great time.
I started by making a prototype out of foam core board...using blue painter's tape for the border.
Then I had hubs cut it out from a piece of plyboard scrap we had.
I painted the board white and then put on the blue paint around the edge.
Then I went to the computer and drew the HOMETALK MUGS and gathered up some icons from "clip art" that represented various project items often seen on HOMETALK.
I sprayed all the artwork with 2 coats of spray varnish and cut them out after letting them dry. Of course I needed a pattern for where to put the icons so I went to the internet to find a blank clock face.
After attaching the icons with rubber cement, I let everything dry and then had hubs drill a hole to install the clock...following the directions on the clock instruction sheet.
Suggested materials:
  • Scrap plyboard, brushes and some of he paint and the rubber cement   (Used what we had at home.)
  • 2 small bottles of acrylic paint   (4.68 - Hobby Lobby)
  • Spray varnish   (5.21 - Home Depot)
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