How to Build a Rustic Pallet Wood Wall in a Small Space

Jenni Ingram
by Jenni Ingram
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It's easier to get creative in a small space because the supplies and materials will cost LESS and it'll be a QUICK project with LESS surface area to work on..

So let's get creative with a rustic pallet wood wall ... in my small laundry room.


Welcome to my laundry room. We are excited to actually have one in our new home. My design idea was to have an "industrial rustic feel." 

(Tip: Any time I can put those two words in a sentence, my husband is more likely to be on board.)

I decided needed some wood accents. I wanted it to create a contrast to the white cabinets, and be something interesting to look at. 

In the past, I've collected pallets and cut them down (which works completely fine), but this time I wanted to use wood boards.

Since it's winter, I'm avoiding being outside sawing pallets, and I love that these boards come already stained, so there's less work there too. I priced them out for my shiplap headboard.

I found the price to be equivalent to purchasing rough cut lumber, and staining it 3 different colors.  So definitely worth it.

My full blog post links to this product so you can get the details!

The first step is to paint the wall a dark gray or brown. I literally took some leftover paint samples, mixed them together and painted the wall. It doesn't really matter what color you use - it just needs to be something similar to one of the wood tones. There will be a few gaps where the wall will show through, and as the wood has some potential to shrink over time, having the dark color behind it will make it much less noticeable.  

While the paint dries, cut down some of the boards. I cut down one box in half and quarters. You'll want the random sizing so the cuts don't line up down your wall.  

Once the paint is dry, grab a board and attach it to the wall with your brad nailer. I did NOT use any glue in this step, just a few brad nails will do. Removing the boards and patching a few nail holes is much easier than installing new drywall if I ever want something different here.  You'll want to use 1 1/4" brad nails to attach them. 

My blog post has a video of me doing this step which you can click at the end of this post...

Alternate rows with color and size. You want it to look random, and at the same time have the colors evenly distributed.  In no time at all, you have a rustic pallet looking wood wall (seriously, I think this took 30 minutes).  

One little problem area is an outlet. You can cut a space around it and reattach the outlet cover, or for 99 cents you can get an electrical extender box and complete this project like a pro.  (Click over to my full blog post to see detailed instructions and photos of this step)

Now it sits right on top of the wood covering any cuts/gaps, and safely extending your outlet.  

Here's the wall all finished. Rustic, industrial, pallet wood, what more could you ask for??

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Suggested materials:
  • Wood boards
  • Paint
  • Brad nailer
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Jenni Ingram
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    I love it I'm going to try this in my old home, thanks

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    love it will try