How to SPRING LOAD Your Home With Old Signs... Wear Your Helmut!

This post isn't a little over the top. It's WAAAAY BEYOND. So you have been warned.
I was about to go into a vintage show, selling the signs I make with my stencils, but I promised to be in a blogger's home tour. But because I was cranking out these old signs for the show, that's all I had new to work with.
So... what else is a signaholic to do?
I'm so glad you asked.
Why, hang them all up, of course!
So I did. EVERY where. So if you've ever wanted to know how to display an old sign in your own home, let this be your helpful tour guide. I literally should have hosted a sign museum tour, Disneyland style.
But can I be perfectly honest? Once the show was over, I wanted to replace some of them because I missed them.
Signs are like good friends. They say nice things, and look pretty. Don't you think? :)
Ok, enough chit chat, let's get this spring loaded tour on the road... helmut check?
Hold on tight...
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Sign, sign, everywhere a sign! And this post is proof...
Thankfully, these signs are so easy to accomplish. Watch out for fallen down fences. This wood is gold! Here's what I've done with these very planks...
It's fun displaying food related signs in a kitchen! It reminds me to eat. Sort of.

Well, not really. I'm too busy (ahem) making signs...
Hey, it's coffee time! Literally. That clock gives me the okay to filler up 24/7! The cups are ready to roll too.
After I remove the flowers...

Seriously, this sign is fun to have around for the cups, because it sits right next to the coffee station.
This... may be a sign that signs have sign ways to get you to sign up your walls?

And stairs.

The ceiling must be next!

... not a terrible idea...

Note: stairway logos are registered trademarks that can not be resold
You'd think I'd remember to pick up the groceries, yes? But nooo... they don't speak. But they most certainly should.

Just being BLATANT and POINTING TO THE FRONT DOOR is apparently not enough.

Note: stairway logos are registered trademarks that can not be resold
I felt sorry for my red shoes, so they got a really cute red one for good measure. :)

I also made this one to encourage (ahem) Miriam from Hometalk to make something with her own Apple Farm stencil. Did you make it yet, Miriam?! Maybe I'll add a few hundred more signs to my home for a little more inspiration...
Welcome to my paint studio aka basement. Studio sounds nice though, don't you think? The signs on this wall help me stay organized.

And the cupboard got plastered while I was at it, because there is no such thing as bare wood in this house any longer.
And we can't forget the powder room. Because in all honestly, it's impossible to forget the powder room...

This cute shutter shelf was backed with a couple of old signs. My toilet paper has never felt so hip and cool.
And let's not miss outdoors. Oh yes. We are not done yet! The shed wears all kinds of crazy, cool old signs and license plates and such year around. She's very happy with her cool outfit!
One more for the road... need a flower plant stand? Just stencil up an old ladder's side with Flower Market and it's ready to... bloom. Better even!
Lake has one more thing to share with you... being the boss of me and all...
All these signs were made with my own line of Old Sign Stencils. Find many more project ideas and how to find them through the link below!
Donna at Funky Junk Interiors
Want more details about this and other DIY projects? Check out my blog post!
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