I SPiT on Some Pallets, and I Liked It !! Old Favorite, New Life !

by ZENGARA Designs
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I totally admire all the Upcyclers who have a talent for finding treasured pieces to restore... but when you can't find treasure, and are completely obsessed with a particular product; you learn to make your own ! Pallets are a plentiful resource in my area, and I find they pair PERFECTLY with a little SPiT !
THIS.....Is my driveway !! ....believe me, there's more, but we can only upload 15 pics in one post !
Yes, I know this big guy is standing on his ear, but he's a work in progress. Just one fine example of my husbands handy work . He's becoming quite the craftsman ! Let's face it...when the wife says she wants to SPiT, there better be something to SPiT on ! :)
Unicorn SPiT is so entirely versatile. It is a vibrant gel wood stain, available in many colors, with more being created all the time ! ...The most frequently expressed concern by fellow upcyclers is; not everyone wants or needs a purple and teal dresser.... This hand crafted Hall Tree is a great example of muted, yet colorful pallet wood, created with SPiT ! ...Layers of diluted Weathered DayDream, Navajo Jewel, and White Ning , make for a beachy, rustic, focal piece !
Oh No, Let's Go....Let's get crazy !!! ....The bottom of this hand crafted table was originally the top...minor mishap with 2 part epoxy {my fault}, demoted the entire panel to the bottom shelf, and using pallet wood; a table was created around it ! ....The design was done completely freehand, as you can tell, totally abstract, and all Unicorn Spit ! As vibrant as this piece is, the original wood grain can be seen through the spectrum of color...I love that !
My butterfly pallet table was a featured piece in our booth at Uptown Vintage Market...for less than an hour ! It sold immediately ! ....Was it the original design ?...the colors ?..the hand stained butterfly ?...I'm inclined to believe it's the combination of all those elements ! ...I'm not lying kids....pallet wood and Unicorn SPiT !!! ....like PB&J
We all know pallets make awesome signs and wall art ! .... but why paint, and then distress ?...Why not stain the color into the wood ? ....I do !
This large piece was a custom order that actually shipped from Florida to Ohio a few weeks ago. The client was pretty specific regarding her color scheme...I had to get a little creative and mix some custom colors...wait ?....didn't you know ? Unicorn SPiT can be customized ! ... It blends so well with itself, a myriad of color choices are at your fingertips, out of just a few bottles !
Layered SPiT colors on a pallet bench back....perfect in any garden or patio !
ART doesn't have to be created on canvas ! ... Pallet wood can easily become awesome original wall art, with a little imagination, Unicorn SPiT and some stencils !
Who wouldn't want to hang pretty scarves and jewelry from this beachy wall tree created from an old window frame, pallets and a few blended colors of SPiT wood stain !
ART THERAPY...the original reason for the creation of Unicorn SPiT...It's non-toxic, VOC free...and so much fun to stick your fingers in !! ..This art was honestly done with my hands....just me, some SPiT, and my crazy imagination !
Use # 101 for pallets and SPiT....rustic inspired mirror frame . Can you believe that one product can be this versatile ? ....the colors are stunning, and so fun to play with !!
Creative Juices really flow during the holiday season...Our take on pallet trees ! I will never have to go through the Holiday Blues again...I simply SPiT my way to happiness !
A fellow Hometalker commented on another one of my posts that I should look into endorsement compensation from Unicorn SPiT....I was flattered beyond words that someone would think my creations were good enough to endorse a phenomenal product line ...However....THIS...is my reward !! Our own little slice of rainbow colored Heaven....a spot at Uptown Vintage Market in Melbourne, Florida....a place to showcase our imagination...share our creations...and spread some love ! Thank you Unicorn SPiT for giving me the perfect creative medium..and for JAZZING up some old pallets !
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  • Monica Monica on Aug 18, 2020

    How did you get that top color on the table like piece? It looks like grey... we are trying desperately to get that color on a table we are refinishing for our dining room, but no matter which stains we buy, they don’t come close to that. Any suggestions for us? This picture is the color we are going for.

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