Make a Shelf Using............. A Gift Box!!!!!

Ann M
by Ann M
2 Materials
20 Minutes
Don't you just love those beautiful gift boxes you see at Michael's and Big Lots? And there are so many great styles for every holiday too!
A few of mine
I love to give them as much as I love to get them! You can re-gift them, use them for storage or even repurpose them into your decor!
Pop an arrangement in a box!
Or, make them into a shelf!! I was at Michael's who had them at 50% off!! I came across one that called to me (!) and right out of the blue I thought of making a shelf out of it.
My box
When I got it home I realized that it would look a little silly as a horizontal shelf because the design is vertical. Okay, don't despair I told myself, just make a vertical shelf! So the first thing I did was make two holes with an ice pick through the back of the box. This is where I'll screw it into the wall.
Using an ice pick
After I made the holes, I put it up against the wall where I wanted it screwing in only the top screw.
Both holes before attaching
After I screwed in the top screw I closed the door (the lid) --LOVE the magnetic closure --and used a level to make sure it was level before screwing in the bottom screw.
Now completed, I have a place for my Paris mug inside, or whatever I choose, keeping the door open or closed.
Keep whatever fits inside
And I can even use it as the intended shelf, smaller now, but still useable! The top(technically the side) forms a nice ridge all around to prevent something from falling.
Added a teacup.
Because my intended shelf ended up being smaller, I needed something else over my desk so I hung a small clock.
Of course this shelf will not hold anything heavy, not even if I had chosen a larger box, but it can hold many everyday items
Added a small clock.
Now I have a small touch of Paris to look at!!
Suggested materials:
  • Ice pick and screws   (Had it)
  • Box   (Michael's)
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