Mason Jar Hanging Vase

Skip the boring wreaths and great your guests with a gorgeous mason jar welcome sign!
The front door of your home is often the first impression of your home style. I have always had a passion for creating the most beautiful and welcoming and front door decoration. I quickly got board with wreaths and since have been having a blast coming up with other creative front door decor. This hanging mason jar flower vase is one of my favorite creations. Not only is it easy to create but you can customize it with your favorite fresh or silk flowers and a welcoming message. Happy creating!

  • 32 ounce mason jar
  • 8 screw hooks
  • Pipe Clamp
  • Mending Plate
  • 1 piece of 8 inch x 4 inch treated ply wood
  • 1 piece of 8 inch x 15 inch ply wood
  • White chalk paint
  • Black chalkboard paint
  • Thick bristle brush
  • Standard paint brush
  • Burlap ribbon
  • Scissors
  • Sand Paper
  • Chalk (not pictured)
  1. Sand both pieces of wood to avoid splinters. Dust off the sand when you are satisfied with the smoothness of the boards.
  2. Paint both boards with white chalk paint and thick bristle brush. Paint 2 coats waiting about 5 minutes between coats.
  3. Once the paint is dry, paint a chalkboard space on the small board with the black chalk paint.
  4. Next, position the mason jar on the large board, centering it both vertically and horizontally. Mark where you want it displayed
  5. Using the drill screw in one side of the mending plate
  6. Insert the pipe clamp under the open end of the mending plate.
  7. Screw the open side down to tightly secure the mending plate
  8. Next step is to place the screw hooks on the top and bottom sides of the large board. Measure 1/2 inch inch from both edges on the top and bottom sides. Push the screws into wood to make a  mark and then screw them into the wood. The hooks on the top and bottom edges of the board should match up.
  9. Once the chalk paint is dry on the small piece of wood, screw hooks to the top edge. Measure 1/2 inch from the edge on the top side of the board and use the tip of the screw hook to make a mark. Screw both screw hooks into the wood. These hooks should line up withe hooks on the bottom edge of the large board.
  10. Use a screw driver to loosen the pipe clamp wide enough for your jar to fit in.
  11. Once in place screw the pipe clamp tight around the jar.
  12. Cut a 2 foot piece of burlap ribbon. Hook the ribbon on the top hooks and tie a knot or bow to create a loop to hang on your door hanger.
  13. Write a message with chalk on the small board and hook it to the bottom hooks of the large board.

Fill the mason jar with your favorite real or silk flowers and display on your front door!
Craft Box Girls by Lynn Lilly
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  • Cathy Cathy on Apr 12, 2020

    Not sure why we don't see the clamp around the mason jar ??

  • Rene Rene on Dec 12, 2022

    Do you have any ideas in creating a memory jar..? Decorate with sticky tape beads, various plastic stickers. For next year's ( MEMORIES OF 2023) ie adventures and experiences. Make tabs the date ;the function;

    who you were with and, what you did.

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