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Shwetaa Singh
by Shwetaa Singh
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When you and your husband is on two different planets when it comes to opinion, what you do? You listen to yourself! My husband and I have any huge difference when it comes to home renovation or decor. I do it my way when he is not around. This Saturday, my husband has to rush for an important meeting. I decided to make most of the time when he was not at home.

I had a huge blank wall in the dining area which I wanted to make as an accent wall. But being a tenant I cannot paint that wall, wallpaper was an option but I wanted to do something which I can take with me when I am leaving this house.

I found a vintage bike in art fare, which I instantly loved it and I exactly knew where I am going to put this at home. This will not only create an accent piece but will give whole new avatar to the blank wall.

After hanging the bike on the wall, it defiantly gave new look and feel to whole space but I always got the sense of “something is missing”. I thought of hanging photo frames around the bike but I knew the charm of the bike will go away with the frames around it. So I decided to hang ceramic plants instead.

I remember, seeing exact similar plates on “Pinterest”, but what you see in Pinterest is next to impossible to find in India. But fortunately, I saw these plates on an Indian website, I was overwhelmed. But the drawback was…cost was on the higher side! I think Life is a struggle, sometimes you have to lose something to get something (this works, to convince my husband) so I finally bought these plates.

Then comes the real challenge. For hanging the plates on the wall without spending much or say anything.
So I hung these plates with the things which were available at home. So no cost DIY.
This the wall how it looked without the plates, I think plates really made a whole new difference to the wall, isn't it?
Really? this cheap :/
I saw these "Plate Hanger" on Amazon. Honestly, I don't think so its cheap even after the discount.
The things which you needs! Trust me, its that simple. hot glue gun, old newspapers, paper clip and double-sided tape (Just in case for more safety, I did not use it though...) and beautiful plates of course icon
Oh, these are the plates... isn't this pretty? I just LOVE icon the innocent face of the girl.
First and foremost, trace in the paper to take the exact area of the plate. This really helps to check the right position of the pate and nail it. (I really thought, this is waste of time but I was wrong)
Paper plate! you see.icon  
With the help of a marker, mark a position where you wish the center of the plate. Since there was a face on the plate so had to do this.
I hung the plates with the help of paper clip! This is so useful, I really never thought!
This step is for precautions! As you don't want to loose your expensive plates. I placed the double sided tape, in case the paper clip can not take the weight of the plate, I can stick the plate on the wall. And when I am moving out of this house I can easily remove it and take the plates with me.
Now, place the paper plates where you want to place the plate. Check and double check (from distance) if the position is as per your wish.
Map the center distance of the plate, then map the paper plate.
This will help you to nail at the right the position without damaging the wall.
Now open the paper clip, make either "S" or "U" shape. "S" shape works better than "U" shape. I used "S" later but did not take the picture. Hot glue it and let it set and dry for 15- 30 mins.
Once it is dry, cover the glue with the normal tape and hang it on the wall. In case you feel like pasting the double sided tape for more security. Go ahead...this will save your plates.. then why not?icon  
AFTER: This is the final wall, how does it look?
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  • Sam Sam on May 10, 2017
    what is indian lighting? never heard of it. what color light does it cast?
    looking for something for a particular corner that isn't well lit and have some art work on it. thanks for the info.!

  • Smi5370300 Smi5370300 on Aug 05, 2017
    Where did the antique bike come from? I live it.

  • Rosetta Rosetta on Dec 22, 2018

    Any ideas about what eles to use instead of the bicycle? I don't really want a bicycle on my living room wall

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  • Luci Hedley Luci Hedley on Dec 23, 2018

    the pre pasted plate hangers do a great job, however in hot humid weather they come unstuck. i have lost valuable collector plates due them falling and smashing, so be careful

    what you choose. i personally use 5 minute 'araldite' and strong twine or in your case a large paper clip. all the best and stay safe

  • Pam-ella Pam-ella on Dec 23, 2018

    I love what you did!