Old Rustic Gate Found a Tale Gate Junk Sale

Anna Ibarra
by Anna Ibarra
My family were out one day thrifty and yard sailing when we saw a parking lot junk tail gate sale and we stopped. Glad we did, came back with this. I got it 1 1/2 ago, I'm not good at posting when I do things, but I remember to take pics of before and after. I really like it and they way it came out after, makes my front of the house look nicer.
It was rusty and oh so nice. Over 5 ft tall.
it was bended in certain areas but didn't hold me back.
I knew when I saw it I wanted it. I know it was fine as it is, but I needed it for an intended purpose.
I was having some landscaping in the front yard and needed a front ornamental piece.
It was almost packing up for the tale gate people so he let me have it at $20. and threw me 2 other small iron pieces. I did, I scored. ;-)
So I painted it semi gloss black so it can pop from the street view. Of course I did this first before I had my house painted a light nicer shad of sandy beige and trim repainted white. So it looks better now. I haven't taken of pic.
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