Pallet Craft
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If you type into any search engine the word “pallet”, you are bound to find a plethora of inspirational creations! Pallet projects have been incredibly popular for the last several years and continue to trend on Pinterest and popular blogs. With the continued popularity of reclaimed wood,pallets offer a cheap (and often free) material source for avid DIY’ers everywhere.

Step 1: Find Your Wood

Near dumpsters you can often find discarded pallets, or in the case of the picture below, discarded fence pieces. Another great resource to find free wood is Craigslist. Often,free pallets for the taking will be listed under the “free” section. If you still can’t find any, drive to your town’s industrial district and look for pallets near dumpsters. Just be warned that pallets are not the cleanest of woods and can carry bugs, bacteria, or be soaked in toxic pesticides. Do your research beforehand to determine if pallet crafts are for you.

Step 2: Clean Your Boards

I asked everyone on my Facebook page how best to clean the boards and received a myriad of answers from deck wash, bleach, to pressure washing. My boards weren't in horrible shape and I wanted to keep the weathered look, so I just sanded my boards lightly with a palm sander. (Note:Wear a respirator when sanding to protect your lungs.) Below is the sander I own, the Skil 12000 Orbits per Minute Detail Power Sander. It’s not fancy and only costs around $40 and has some design flaws, but so far it’s worked great for small projects.

Step 3: Measure and Cut Your Boards

The size of your sign might just be determined by how much wood you have to work with! My boards were 1″x4″x8′,so I divided each board by three so that I had six boards in my sign. To cut the boards, I used my jigsaw but you could use your miter saw, or a simple miter box will work.

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