Asked on Jul 26, 2019

Which wallpaper can I buy that is easily removable?

Lauren Maloney
by Lauren Maloney

Looking to try out wallpaper but only if the wallpaper is removable.

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  • Laura Cooper Laura Cooper on Jul 26, 2019

    Look for strippable wallpaper. This term means that when you are ready to remove it, it will be easier to peel off.

  • Gk Gk on Jul 26, 2019

    Any wallpaper can be easily removable if you prep your walls properly before you wallpaper. I paint with a satin finish or semi gloss paint first, priming first if you are starting with new dry wall, and then I use sizing before I wallpaper. Strippable wall paper is made of two layers--the outer layer is the vinyl patterned layer--it will pull off revealing a paper like layer that holds the glue. If you prep your walls correctly you can wet this paper with water and liquid fabric softener and peel and scrap it off with a plastic spatula easily, and then wash all the glue from the wall using liquid fabric softener mixed with water. Peel and stick wallpaper is another type that will come off easily--easier than strippable---but I find it more difficult to put up as it's not as easy to move around if you don't get it straight. You don't need sizing with peel and stick wallpaper but I would still paint the walls first with a satin or semi gloss paint.

  • Judy Judy on Jul 26, 2019

    You can get a product that’s made for this. Specifically wallpaper primer. Not paint primer. Is it real easy to just pull it off after you squirt like an ex and spray it with hot water with vinegar and spray bottle wait a few minutes and it should peell off for you.

  • Kmdreamer Kmdreamer on Jul 26, 2019

    You could tape it up to see if you like it don’t glue it up till you are shure

  • Annie Annie on Jul 26, 2019

    Just make sure what you buy is strippable and you won't have a problem. Also be sure to not hang wallpaper right over drywall that hasn't been primed.