Rope Sign Made From Reclaimed Cedar Shakes

by Cameron226481
3 Materials
15 Minutes
After tearing off an old cedar shake roof, I decided to keep some of the shingles because I liked the aged and worn look of the wood.Plus, they were the perfect size for small signs. I'm not very gifted with great handwriting or drawing skills, so painting was out of the question. I knew i had some rope laying around from a previous project so, I wanted to make the hanger for the sign first, with rope in hand ,I set out to do just that. Then suddenly i knew exactly what I was going to do. So, here is my $0 sign.
It was so easy, I decided to make another one for my bedroom.
Clean wood with bleach and water. They looked horrible with mold and mildew, but cleaned up well. Place wood in the sun to dry, cedar dries extremely fast, that's why it's used for roofing and siding. Next, grab your rope, I used sisal twisted 1/4 natural rope that I already had. Think about the word you want to write in rope carefully, because it needs to fit on your board , some letters are harder to accomplish with rope, and I wanted one continuous piece of rope with no cuts. I found the rope easy to work with and glued my letters as I wrote them out and didn't cut my rope until all letters were finished, to make sure i didn't cut it too short. Now you can cut a smaller piece of rope to glue each end on the back for a hanger, or drill two holes, one on each end and knot your rope hanger. THATS IT!!!
Fray and spread the end of your rope, like this to get better contact with the board.
I used the rough and exposed side of the board because I simply love how being outside in the elements all these years has carved unique characteristics into the wood.
Suggested materials:
  • Reclaimed cedar shake
  • Natural rope
  • Hot glue gun
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