Rustic LOVE sign from old farm implement parts

by Lex263207
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After scavenging for this old cabinet door in a friend's barn, I became inspired to so something rustic with some other farm pieces. My husband grew up on a South Georgia farm, so on a weekend trip I searched high and low for inspiration. Ultimately I ended up with a basket of rusty pieces where I decided on these "letters." It took some work to attach the pieces as they are quite heavy. I used eye hooks and wire, liquid nails, and a couple of screws on the larger pieces. I LOVE the result and have had many offers to buy it. It cost me $zero, only time.
This is the finished product. My first official Hometalk post!
Don't know what this is, but it's a John Deere- see the green showing through?
I was able to attach this piece using a large screw you can see at the bottom. The door was very thick & could handle the screw without splitting. It did come out the back just a little, but not enough to meet the wall. I put round furniture felt feet on each corner of the back. I added a little eye hook & copper wire for good measure along with a bead of liquid nails at the top.
A spigot added some interest to this gear piece
This, too, is attached using the screw in the middle. This was the lightest of the three pieces.
Part of a plow
This was the most challenging letter. The hole at the top is quite a ways from the door. You can't see it from the front view, but there is an eye hook screwed into the wood. From the eye hook I added the wire. It's also attached with a bead or two of liquid nails. Any time I use eye hooks, I dip them in a little wood glue before screwing them in.
More plow parts
The E is attached with 3 eye hooks & some picture wire. I ran out of the older looking wire, and the copper wasn't as agile as this wire. Though there are several different colors of wire, etc., I was generally pleased with the overall look. I think the wire just kind of disappears into the word. I used large D-rings and layered picture wire on the back for hanging.
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