Rusty Wagon to Rustic Shelf

Gary Hardman
by Gary Hardman
A rusty garage sale wagon, scrap wood and plumbing pipe combine to make a cute shelf for a kids bathroom or playroom.
I first removed the wheels and pull handle. Sanded the rust off with an electric sander. Then cut the wagon in half lengthwise with a skill saw.
The materials needed were;

(1) piece scrap wood cut the length of the wagon

(1) 1/2 in by 18" pipe

(2) 1/2 inch Elbow pipes

(2) 1/2 inch by 3 inch pipes

Red and black enamel paint

(8) 1/2 inch bolts with nuts and washers.

(2) 1/2" metal base plates
I then assembled the pipes, painted the wagon and wood. Fastened the wood onto the cut half of the wagon with finish nails. Drilled 8 holes into the bottom of the wagon and attached with bolts and nuts. Then attached hangers to the back.
The finished product is a sturdy fun shelf you can use in any room. The good news is you have the other half of the wagon to create a second one for a friend. This project can be done with a small or large wagon. If it is a vintage wagon then leave the logo and rust on the outside to add character to the piece.
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