Cover them up with a new wall plate

Save all the hassle of replacing your electrical outlet and place this uniform one on top. Get tutorial here

Or replace your old wall plate with a new one

It’s a simple matter of screwing and unscrewing your wall plate that will make a huge difference. Get tutorial here

Mod podge wrapping paper around it

If you have a pattern you love, this is a great way to show it off. Get tutorial here

Spray paint them for a uniform color

Surround the area with painter’s tape and you don’t even have to take off the plate. Get tutorial here

Turn it into a high-tech station

These awesome plates come with USB ports, so you can charge your computer and phone all at once. Get tutorial here

Give them personality with printable graphics

Choose the one you love, print, and glue it on your switch plate for a total transformation. Get tutorial here

Mod podge patterned tissue paper

We love how cool this switch plate looks now, we wish we had one for our outlet. Get tutorial here

Hand paint them to match your granite

You’ll never know your outlet was even there (except when you need to plug something in). Get tutorial here

Frame them with dollar store photo frames

They totally change the look, and hardly cost a thing. Get tutorial here

Bling them up with a glass tile collage

Use colored tile or broken glass to turn your outlet into an art piece. Get tutorial here

Swirl around colorful ink and rubbing alcohol

This was done on a light switch, but you can do the same cool technique to your outlet plates. Get tutorial here