Add board and batten with some stencils

The design and color brighten this hallway and gives it character. Get tutorial here

Paint it with a thick bold stripe

The color adds a focal point to the hallway, and makes it that much more colorful. Get tutorial here

Build a window for “natural” light

This brilliant idea gives the illusion of natural light, but it actually an artificial window. Get tutorial here

Add a few trinkets to spruce it up

The rustic coat hanger and shoe crates brought some light to this corner. Get tutorial here

Make an impact with a pallet wood board

Wood adds warmth and personality to any corner in the house, and this did just that. Get tutorial here

Hang up framed travel prints

Sometimes all you need is a bit of subtle artwork to light up your hallway. Get tutorial here

Build some board and batten walls

Then contrast them with a warm color to brighten up the hallway instantly. Get tutorial here

Hang up some modern colorful pictures

Or your children’s paintings made with a potato. They look just as good. Get tutorial here

Paint some water color circles

This is a great way to add some color and light to your hallway. Get tutorial here