Shadow Box With a Soup Theme!

Sandra Allen
by Sandra Allen
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I had another shadow box in the I finally had the time to do it. It's going to look really cute on my wall if I ever find wall space!

This is the finished product. These are kind of homage to the stuff we did in the 70's but I still love it.

I first had a blank canvas so to speak. I have kitchen themed magnets and cuties all over my house. Because I used to cook for a living, I am kind of funny like that.

After gathering the magnets and cuties I wanted, I got out the "soup filler".

Bulk food store 13 bean soup mix and rice were then mixed together. You gotta have rice for really good soup!!

After making sure the "setting" was done, I then got out the trust dusty (not!) glue gun and put them in there forever.

Then it was time to fill the sections with soup stuff. I wanted it to be full as I knew they would shift once I sat it up. The plastic I had custom cut was glued on at certain points. Then to give it a country look, I used ribbon on the corners.

I wanted to cover the glue spots with something 'kitchen' but didn't have anything. I even tried to break the head off a upholstery brad but those things are strong for a reason. So, I just covered them with buttons.

If you wanted to hang yours, there is usually space for a picture hanger on the back. If I don't sell this, I am going to tack some fabric or twine onto the back and hang it up that way. N-JOY!!

Suggested materials:
  • Wooden Shadowbox   (Thrift store)
  • Soup Mix   (Winco Foods)
  • Magnets and kitchen miniatures   (Had at home)
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