Sharpie Doodle on Your Walls!

Alisha Lime
by Alisha Lime
2 Materials
1 Hour

I took a sharpie to a freshly painted white wall and loved the result!

I wanted to add some personality to my son's room and decided to get creative with his boring and tired closet. I started the closet makeover with a fresh coat of white paint. My go to soft white is Benjamin Moore, Simply White.

While it dried (and my son napped) I searched the internet for inspiration. Google turned up some great doodle and clip art images for my space theme and I mapped out my ideas in a notepad. 

Next, I used pencil to draw my doodles on the wall. I referred to my google search images and notepad sketch often.  using a pencil first means no pressure - just erase when you make a mistake!

Sharpie time! No turning back now. I traced over my pencil lines with a sharpie. Going slow created cleaner, solid lines. I also had multiple sharpies on hand and switched them out often as the ink stopped flowing well (drawing on a wall means working against gravity).

Once the ink dried well I carefully erased any pencil lines that were showing. The sharpie smudges easily at first so wait a day or so for this step.

Baskets and accessories look cute and add storage.

The result is adorable! My son loves it and so do I!

Suggested materials:
  • Sharpie
  • Paint
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