The Globe Clock

by Jasmin
20 Minutes
A very very quick and easy makeover! For future projects however - might I suggest using darker arms. The basis of this and the one thing I can recommend to make it as easy as it can get is - pay attention to the clock you choose to re purpose. I failed at my first attempt because i thought I could just glue the box to the inside of the clock, however that glue seeped into the box and the arms did not move. The second clock I used had a tiny nut on the exterior of the clock that attached to the piece that protrudes through the opening. it holds it perfectly in place. So look closely at the clock you choose to dismantle. I found a clock at the good will that was pretty much broken ( the backing) and being sold for $1.00. It worked perfectly. Well, the second time around haha.
If you look closely - you can see the but at the base of the clock parts that is holding the little box on the other side of the clock.
And of course the photoshoot ( see previous posts to understand the story behind all these pieces). For our never ending fun with re-purposing, tools and motivation, feel free to join us over at:
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  • Linda Hanwell Linda Hanwell on Jul 09, 2019

    Good day!

    How did you half the globe or did you buy it this way?



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