THREE Minute Farmhouse Chalkboard!

by Toadstoolpond
2 Materials
3 Minutes
How to create an amazing farmhouse chalkboard in UNDER three minutes!
Using Chalk Couture to make farmhouse decor
I am IN LOVE with Chalk Couture transfers..this is coming from a girl who CAN NOT stencil to save her life! I saw their designs and knew I had to try them out! I selected a chalkboard to use with this amazing graphic and got started!
Simply separate the fabric like transfer from its paper backing (DONT toss the backing, this is a reusable transfer so we will need this later!). Gently take the sticky side and "fuzz" it (making it a LITTLE less sticky) by touching onto your clothing or a soft towel, etc. Now youre ready to apply! Yes, we are at 25 seconds, so far!
Simply position your transfer onto the surface
Smooth into place making sure there are no bubbles (use your large squegee here if desired) Yes, still at about 30 seconds invested!
Use the small Chalk Couture squegee to apply Chalk Couture paste over the open spots of the transfer,using quick strokes- we dont want this to dry too fast! Cover all the lettering
Go back over the design removing the excess (which you can put right back into the jar, no waste!). One minute and a half down!
Gently peel the transfer up from the chakboard, can this be any easier??
Two minutes later you have a gorgeous farmhouse chalkoard, ready to hang! Do you love it?! I am hooked, and there are so many more designs available, this is only the begining...these transfers and paste can be applied to SO many more surfaces and the company also carries inks, so you can decorate pillow covers,mugs and more. What would YOU make with them?
Suggested materials:
  • Chalk Couture paste   (
  • Chalk Couture transfer   (
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