Tips for Choosing Wallpaper in Small Spaces

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by Walls Republic
1. Define the Goals and Scope of Your Project. Outline weather or not the type of space you are designing is traditional, transitional, modern, contemporary as that will help you narrow down your selection.
2. Pay Attention to Lighting

Lighting will majorly effects how colours are seen and therefore it is important to test a sample of the wallpaper you choose in your space. Metallic wallpapers will reflect and bounce light helping to open up a small space.
Mica Wallpaper in Metallic Tones
3. Understanding Pattern and Pattern Scale

A vertical pattern will draw your eye up the wall creating the illusion of height.
A horizontal pattern will draw your eye across the room creating the illusion of depth.
When selecting the scale of your pattern pay attention to the scale of your space to ensure you do not pick a pattern that is too overwhelming. However, depending on the size of the wall you are wallpapering both a small and large print can make a beautiful statement. Draw in colours from your wallpaper into other elements of the space to create a cohesive environment.
Less is more. Define what is important in the space and make it a feature.
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