Top 3: Why Designing With Wallpaper is EASY

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by Walls Republic
Designing with wallpaper is much easier than believed. Learn how easy it is to choose, install and remove wallpaper to create a beautiful home.
Playful Cerulean Floral Wallpaper R1572
1. Paste the Wall Installation

With new paste the wall wallpapers there is a backing that does not expand as traditional wallpapers do when they get wet. This allows you to apply paste directly to the wall rather than spending time soaking the paper. This is perfect for a first time installer as you don’t have the added weight of the paste and can reposition the wallpaper if it does not seem quite right. From the start, this method cuts your installation time in half from traditional methods.
Fern Black & White Leaf Wallpaper R1529
2. Easy Removal

Ready for a change? Simply peel the corner of the wallpaper up and the entire wallcovering will come off in a single sheet. The process is effortless with no mess and makes wallpapering a great option that renters can experiment with as well.
Daring Pink Lace Easy Wallpaper R1567
3. A variety of Designs and Styles Available

All of the wallpapers available at Walls Republic are paste the wall wallpapers which give you a broad selection of easy to install wallpapers. From traditional damask patterns to contemporary geometric prints there are a variety of options to suit your tastes and needs. Timeless patterns create a space that can be enjoyed for a long time and when it’s time for a fresh update the wallpaper removes easily and quickly.

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