Tub Board - for Reading, or Tea or Maybe a Glass of Wine.

by Teresa
I have always loved bath boards and have always made them myself, but this time we built our own house and in the small ensuite, we went with a "tub insert"
Ohh ohh!
The insert - wonderful and easy to clean, but no lip for a bath board!
I measured across the tub to get the exact measurement of where the outside edge started.
Got a 1 x 6 - We had some left - from building - this one was a fence board. It was really smooth and did not need sanding!

As it had been previously cut, I brought it into the bathroom just to see how it would fit..
Cut it to length - a little wider than the entire width of the tub.
Got a piece of scrap 1 x 2 and cut it to a little less than the width of the 1x6 - so 5.5 inches
Because I did not want to scratch my new tub, I glued a piece of "padded" shelf liner to the underside of the 1 x 56 and nailed my 1 x 2 on top of it.
ready to try it it
And it fits!

I have used this about 25 times already and it never slips and is wonderful for tea and even helping me up when I tore ligaments in my ankle - NOT recommended!

Now, should I leave it plain wood? stain it, paint it... hmmm decisions, decisions!
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