Up-cycling A Favorite Frame and Matting With Just a Little Paint

by Kaye
3 Materials
2 Hours
I am my sister's new favorite woodworker/fixer. I think it must be my great rates. In any case, she loved her picture frame with the verse from Corinthians. Unfortunately, it just didn't work in her new home.

Leftover drips and drabs of paint worked beautifully to bring a favorite back to life.
The first thing I did was to tear everything apart and, of course, give it a good cleaning. By using a dinner knife and sliding it carefully between and around the mats, I was able to get them apart so they could be painted with acrylics.
Here are the two mats taken apart and ready to be painted.
The artwork faded over time requiring an update. Retyping and printing on a leftover piece of rag cotton paper I had squirreled away did the trick.

I spray painted the frame with leftover spray paint and applied antiquing glaze over the whole frame with extra on the scrolling.
After the painting was done all it needed was just a little reassembly and Voila!
The finished work of art, updated with a new coat of paint!
Suggested materials:
  • Acrylic Paint   (Craft store)
  • Spray Paint   (Hardware store)
  • Antiquing glaze   (Hardware store)
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  • Kaye Kaye on Sep 10, 2017
    Thank you!

  • Lisa Lisa on Mar 08, 2021

    I love this idea! I just have one question. You said above that you retyped and printed on a leftover piece of rag cotton paper, exactly what is that? (I’m thinking your talking about just a regular piece of white fabric) Also, how do you type and print on it?

    Thank you so much in advance, I hope to hear back!

    • Kaye Kaye on Mar 08, 2021

      Thank you. Actually it is the name of the paper. I just put it in my printer. Back in the day people would use high quality paper to print special things on such as resumes. You could simply use regular printer paper. Have fun!