Warm and Rustic Pallet Wood Wall Diy

by ScavengerChic
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The best part about pallet wood is not necessarily that you can get the wood for free, though that doesn't hurt, I just love the rustic nature of the wood. I love that it's a little rough and when it has sat out in the weather and starts to get gray it's absolutely perfect.
I've said it before, if someone would like to offer me a falling down barn, I would welcome the chance. I would even give up my pallet wood for barn wood...yes I said it. But until that day comes, pallet wood it is!
This is a before shot of a beach house guest bedroom. The furniture is all in great shape, not necessarily what I would have chosen, but in great shape.
The first part, and probably the hardest part of the project, gather enough pallet wood to fill the wall and tear apart those pallets. It doesn't really matter the width of the boards as long as with any individual width you have enough to extend the entire wall for that row.

I like to use the aged pallet wood but not all of my pallet wood had that nice gray patina. With leftover gray wood stain a few of my boards were stained.
Before nailing your pallet wood up, paint the wall a nice dark color. I just painted directly over the paneling that was previously installed.This ugly mustardy color was in the ooops paint area for only a few dollars. It was still probably too light, a nice dark brown to black would have been a better background color.

When pallet wood goes up, it may have gaps between the wood, you want this area to appear as a shadow, not as a color shining through.
I started at the bottom leveling my wood against the baseboard and nailing each piece individually with finishing nails. When I got to an outlet, I just cut the wood around it. I didn't worry too much about the outlets sitting on top of the wood since they would be behind the bed. Again, each row must be the same width. Like floorboards, stagger the seams as you go.

Once the entire wall was finished , I went back and put another row right on top of the baseboard overlapping it by 1/4 inch to cover up the stark white. The old baseboard will be there waiting for anyone who wants to take the pallet wall back down.
The entire wall cost about $3.00 for my can of ooops paint, count on it costing more if you need nails.

Warm, rustic and relaxing.

If you love pallet wood, make sure you stop by my website. I use pallet wood whenever and wherever possible.

Want more details about this and other DIY projects? Check out my blog post!
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  • Laurie Ellithorpe Laurie Ellithorpe on Nov 04, 2015
    I have heard that pallets are difficult to work with. The darling son and husband (probably conspiring) said that the wood splits easily and that they are nailed or screwed together making them difficult to break down to make a project.(?) LOL I love the look of these projects....SOoooo Are they fibbing to me or was this a challenge while you were working with them?

  • HouseLogic.com HouseLogic.com on Nov 05, 2015
    Your wall is GORGEOUS! We have a few quicks questions. Did you clean the wood beforehand? If so how? Thanks a bunch!

  • SHARI B SHARI B on Nov 08, 2015
    Your wall looks nothing short of spectacular!! However, my husband has concerns about the varying widths and thickness of the pallet boards because we get different ones from my son's work. How did you handle that? I have a very large wall I want to cover (cheaply) in my embroidery shop.

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