Why Designers Love Wallpaper for Making Your Home Fashionable!

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Wallpaper is back in style and is being used all over by designers to transform bland walls with a stimulating alternative to paint. These top 4 reasons why designers love wallpaper will show you why wallpaper is a must have in your next home makeover!
Growth Red Modern Living Wallpaper R1656
1. Broad Sensory Experience

Unlike paint, wallpaper gives you the opportunity to experiment with pattern, scale, luster, colour, and texture all in one place creating strong amazement for your senses.

Wallpaper also allows you to create movement and illusions that lead people’s eyes across the space.
Luxury Black Designer Wallpaper Toronto R1771
2. Covers Damaged Walls

Cracks or imperfections on your walls? No big deal. Covering them will wallpaper will hide all of the imperfections and give you a brilliant texture, shine, and depth that all your guests will be intrigued by. Wallpapering over the wall is much simpler than fixing up the cracks with the new paste the wall technology that allows you to hang wallpaper dry and is also dry strippable when you’re ready for an update.
Gesture Metallic Designer Wallpaper R1576
3. Durability

If your wallpaper gets stained most options can be washable and scrub-able with soap or water. Most of the products available at Walls Republic also can contribute to LEED making your product both functional, beautiful, and a contributor to your environmental sustainability goals.
Tone Amber R1090 & Fame Black R1059 Wallpaper
4. Versatile in Application and Use

You are not just limited to the walls. Wallpaper can be a unique feature on the ceiling creating the illusion of a lower ceiling to create a more intimate space. Placing wallpaper in unexpected places can add a surprising element to your space. Try using left over wallpaper from a larger project to paper the back of bookshelves, furniture, chairs, kitchen cupboards with glass doors, or behind a glass splash back to create a small feature and liven up a neutral space.
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  • Jeanette S Jeanette S on Jul 09, 2014
    I love some of the new wallpapers, but I am not going to fall for it's luster ever again! I mean it! I think my guy would vacate the house if he saw a piece of wallpaper!