Wood "Home" Sign

by Meemsicle
3 Materials
2 Hours
I wanted to make something nice for my sister, her boyfriend, and their house. They bought and moved into their house in 2016. Everything I used for this project I had laying around the house. So it did not "cost" me anything.
Items Needed:
-Piece of Wood
-Paint for Wood and Paint for Lettering
-Sander (if needed for wood)
-Tracing Paper
I had an extra piece of wood (2x6). I used a saw to cut it to the size I wanted.
I sanded the wood so that it was smooth. I used some leftover paint that we had for the bathroom wall (a light gray) to paint the wood.
In Word, I created the word "home" and "Est. 2016" in the font and size I wanted. I also created the initials in a smaller font that would fit in the "o" of "home." I printed out the letters and placed the printout on the wood then taped it in place. I placed tracing paper underneath the printout. I used a pencil to trace the letters.
This is how it looked after tracing the letters. I used acrylic paint to paint the words. Then I painted in the letters. The hardest part is painting the letters--find a paint brush that you are comfortable with. After the paint was dried, I traced in the initials in the "o."
This is the finished sign!
Suggested materials:
  • Wood
  • Paint
  • Tracing Paper
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  • Wendy Wendy on Oct 18, 2017
    What a lovely project! I love the initials in middle of the 'O' :)