Words From the Bartender

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4 Days
I created this wood burning project as a gift for my daughter's boyfriend. It will go in the bar in their house, I love it!
This is the beginning of the project, I first looked up the type of letters he liked from the Internet. Once I chose the right one, I got to work sketching out the lettering. All the letters, and such were all hand drawn by myself.
This is more progress of all the drawing, as you can see I had to tape papers together. This was to make the words fit on the board. I also added a little hand drawing of a martini glass.
This is the process of me burning the letters onto the wood. It's a stair tread board with a rounded front, for extra interest. The letters are burned on the board in a scattered manner because some letters are more challenging than others.
This is the finished product. Once finished, I stained it in Minwax Stain. ( Golden Oak ) And finished it with Minwax Rub on Polyurethane sealer. I think it looks fab and will go great in their bar!
Suggested materials:
  • 1 - 10" x 36" 1/2" Thick Pine Stair Tread / Board   (Homedepot)
  • Minwax golden oak stain   (Homedepot)
  • Minwax Polyurethane sealer satin   (Homedepot)
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