Raya Deych
by Raya Deych
Dry Wall or Sheetrock Repair is required at times and the need to cut out a section and install a new section is required. After you do that and cover with Spackle there exist the need to match the entire ceiling. Sectional Painting or sectional repair of a Pop Corn Ceiling leaves an undesired results. Now there is an inexpensive Do It Yourself option. Simple glue Styrofoam Ceiling Tile up with Ceramic Tile Adhesive AKA Mastic or use Loctite All Purpose Construction Adhesive. Apply extra to level the tile over the repair. If you like White Color you are done. If not we suggest you paint the Styrofoam Ceiling Tile in any Water Based Color and or use Metallic Paint to get a real Copper Look or Antique Silver etc. Chek out the Video and call 800-349-5799 and visit www.ceilingtilesbyus.com
This Example of a Before Ceiling Represents it needs improvement. In a few hours it can look a 1000% better. The Styrofoam Ceiling Tile Product cost about $1.45 per Square foot. or about $160.00 for a 10 foot x 10foot size room
This is an example of R-37 Styrofoam Ceiling Tile applied with glue to a pop corn ceiling or Dry Wall Ceiling. The Glue cost about $15.00. If painted add the cost of the Paint wanted for the desired results.
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