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I wanted to do a hall tree unlike any I had ever come across. We have various sizes of these industrial spools that we do lots of things with. I suddenly knew what I wanted to do and when I told my husband, I got his usual response of "huh?". Boy am I glad he went on this journey with me and so is he!!!
Here is the door we started with. It was pretty rough and had to be sanded A LOT! My original plan was to chalk paint it red. Once it was sanded, I knew I had to let it live just as it was. The wood was beautiful. It didn't even need to be stained!
Told you! It really turned out beautifully. I put chalkboard paint on the windows because that is what one does when there are windows on a door. Alas, it would not stick. Nothing would stick to these windows. I don't know why because I have never come across this before. Stay tuned to see how we worked around this very frustrating issue.
So here is the spool we used. It was also too short so we had to add a base to it so it would look more proportional to the door.
We cut it in half.
First we had to shave off the back edges so they would sit flat against the door. Then we stained it.
Here is the base for the bottom, the shelves for the spool itself and for under the windows. There are also faceplates to cover the cut parts of the spool.
spool is finished and ready to be mounted to the fabulous door!
So the windows had to be covered since they would not take any paint. So I had a mirror that I picked up a the thrift store that was patiently waiting on its turn to be part of a fabulous project. Then we put the part of the spool that we cut off as a shelf under the chalkboard mirror.
Since the mirror was shorter than the windows, we added a piece of scrap tin so magnets could be used. the two hooks at the top swing out so whatever you hang on them won't cover the beauty of this hall tree.
My favorite part is the locking/knob mechanism. It was a large box that stuck out 1 1/2 inches from the door. It didn't have the door knob with it but it did have the key! We took the front of the mechanism box off and attached it to the door and then permanently inserted the key in the keyhole. I LOVE this part!!!
There is additional space to hand hooks between the back of the spool and the door. We didn't put the hooks there but if it were mine to keep I would put them there.
The final product is absolutely gorgeous, or at least in my opinion it is. I really love it and plan to do more of these. The spools are great to work with because they are really solid wood that has so much character.
Crystal Creation
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  • Itsmemic Itsmemic on Jan 02, 2018
    looks great ! May I offer a bit of advice? Please do a better photo of the finished projects from further away so we can get a better view !!
    I love spools too, but my goodness they are HEAVY and I can't even pick one up to put in my car when I do see one. :)

  • Vickie Hartlaub Vickie Hartlaub on May 13, 2020

    Great idea would love to see it finished