'Entrance Partition Made Nice'

by Cinzanno
As promised my here is my posting for the Entrance side of my ‘Lounge/Entrance temporary partition’ project
I don’t have apicture of it before starting this project, but it was very similar to this and the same dark oak colour
And in the picture above you can see where I have painted the 1st primer coat and put the Plasterboard up, I put a fake brick on the backing (please note this is a sticky back brick paper so is easily removable, but I want a kind of French entrance so this kind of worked for me
SO after a few coats of top coat paint and completing sticking the brick effect paper on it I totally loved the storage space I had created however I DID NOT LIEKT HE MESSY LOOK of it all.. something had to be done about this, and especially that horrid looking eclectic box… uggggg

So I got my brain thinking and this is what I did

I measured the 6 shelving areas and got some old moving boxes out the attic (nice solid sturdy ones)
I cut them to size and made boxes to fit… and although this would hide the mess…. Lets face it they still look ugly so…..
I had a few (30) hessian bags (but any fabric will do, I just happened to have had these given to me and lying around doing noting (I only used about 15 of them so still have a bunch left over) I cat them up and stuck the hessian to the boxes
I gathered together some bits and bobs from my craft box like Lace, old bracelets and beads etc. and attached them to the front of the hessian on the boxes
I was so thrilled with the outcome and it was in keeping with the ‘French’ theme I was going for. But that pesky electric box was still winding me up something wicked…. It had to be hidden

So out came the cardboard and measuring tape and I made a box that could just be rested on it… so simple, a coat of paint and the eyesore was history.. woohoo
so simple, a coat of paint and the eyesore was history.. woohoo

AND BELOW THE FINAL PRODUCT I am so thrilled with it
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  • Karen Reilly Karen Reilly on Nov 28, 2015
    Is hessian burlap

  • Patricia Thomas Patricia Thomas on Nov 28, 2015
    Thank you for recreating this project for us. This will also make great Christmas gifts for the females in our lives. I wonder if we can spray starch the flannel for easy dusting? It is a parent, you have the heart of a teacher.

  • Judy Judy on Nov 28, 2015
    How did you attach the fabric to your boxes? Hot glue, Mod Podge?

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