From Decorative Basket to Useful Organizing Tool

Cynthia H
by Cynthia H
2 Materials
15 Minutes
A few years ago I received this decorative basket containing bath products. I love containers and often use them for other than what they were originally intended. This basket made me think of a pegboard or hanging grid. So with the help of a picture hanging kit from the dollar store I put it to work for me.
This is the basket that inspired me. Any basket could be used with a few modifications.
picture hanging kit
A picture hanging kit from the dollar store. You could also use small S hooks for this, but,I had just purchased the picture hanging kit, so used it, instead of buying the other hooks.
trying the hooks and keys
I hung it on the wall, then experimented with hooking the picture hangers on the wire grid to hang keys.
threaded the charging cord through
Then, I tried feeding my charge cord for my phone through it to see how it would work. In the end, I decided to thread it through at the bottom so that the phone could sit there while charging.
In the end, this set-up worked for me, although it's easily rearranges for a different set-up. All you need is a plug or a USB and your phone and keys are all in one place. I also thought that it would be easy to attach a piece of wood to the back and use cup hooks for the keys if you wanted a different look. Hope this inspires you!
Suggested materials:
  • Picture hanging kit   (dollar store)
  • Basket   (I had it)
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