Asked on Mar 13, 2014

Need help with the foyer , PLEASE !

Linda Krull
by Linda Krull
Any suggestions would be appreciated as I'm at a loss ...... thanks :)
need help with the foyer please, foyer, home decor
need help with the foyer please, foyer, home decor
need help with the foyer please, foyer, home decor
need help with the foyer please, foyer, home decor
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  • Z Z on Mar 14, 2014
    My first thought would be to add some color, but in seeing your other room it looks as though you like neutrals. I do find it interesting the way it is. Have you thought about a bolder color on the walls?

  • Polly Zieper Polly Zieper on Mar 14, 2014
    Linda, What exactly do you not like/ want to change?Like Becky,I would add some color to the beige theme- maybe pink/rose and/or darkbrown?If you got an are rug with some color, that would make a big impact, against the neutral tile floor.

  • Polly Zieper Polly Zieper on Mar 14, 2014
    Can you pain the little table, with the 2 drawers?That would be a good place to add color, too.

  • Carolyn Rush Carolyn Rush on Mar 14, 2014
    Hi Linda: I would recommend taking out some of the smaller pieces and just concentrating on the area where you have the little table. A slightly larger piece would make a bolder statement, perhaps with a mirror over it. I would take the corner piece out of the stair landing and use the vase on the foyer table and then maybe place a large piece of art on the landing wall facing the foyer. You may consider replacing the rug with one a little larger and with a pop of color!

  • on Mar 14, 2014
    Right now your space is a lot of white on white on beige. Painting your railing and the back of the front door black and adding a colorful rug will go miles in changing the look of the foyer without breaking the bank. Painting the walls a light gray or blue will also accent the molding over the doors and the design on the window. Peel and stick tiles in a chekerboard pattern can also be fun.

  • Funnygirl Funnygirl on Mar 14, 2014
    Love your foyer.Basic needs for this space.A place to sit down,a place for keys,mail,a clock,a mirror.Every seems to be too small to scale for this room and lacks color.I love the details of this room.The area needs to be replaced with a larger size,a darker color or a bright color would anchor the entire room.I would start there.I would add a large scale picture at the wall at the bottom of the stairs.I like the small table at the bottom of the stairs with the medium vase.The lower shelves need larger brighter items,a box or knickknack that fills up those spaces,to draw your eyes to the staircase details.The chair should be alittle larger and not so rustic. the chandelier looks alittle small,if you can lower it a little or replace it with something alittle larger it would make this space look really special.There are too many white doors.If a custom mirror is out of your budget for the coat closet then a nice framed full length mirror hung flush against that door would look really nice.I would replace the shelf above the table with a mirror also,or a large scale clock or another picture.A bench below the staircase next to your table would look really nice.Then you could take out the small chair and replace it with a nice floor plant.The side window is really pretty.I would want it to be noticed more by adding a valance(love large stripes or chevron print- never go out of style),but I would hang it so it does not cover the window?To finish,the 2 front doors are so large,they are really a beautiful detail to the room.If possible I would paint them a different color-the same color as the rug or a dominant color once you have added the other details.Would love to see what you do to your really lovely space!! Have fun and good luck!!

  • Funnygirl Funnygirl on Mar 14, 2014
    I ment to say in my last post to replace the area rug with a larger size but not a full size rug.Also I would add wallpaper,grass cloth or paint to the inserts of the back folding doors going into the next room.Thanks!!!

  • Funnygirl Funnygirl on Mar 14, 2014
    Ps.A larger table lamp too!

  • Since you lean towards the neutrals, I would suggest painting the foyer the gray (at least that is what it looks like from the pics). Gray is a very neutral color and that would pop against the white trim and your white accents. The old ladderback/cane chair with the signs seems a bit out of place for your decor in the foyer-chandelier is a great piece. The rug is small but goes with the door sidelight and maybe place it at the front door if you choose to keep it. right now it looks 'lonely'. the side piece with the small lamp does not make a statement and neither does the giraffe. If you are going to do animals you need more than 1. You either need a tall skinny piece to replace that small table - I think a book shelf either open or with a painted or papered back to add a pop of color to the foyer and put your knick knacks on it in one spot to make a statement. Next to the stairs where the giraffe is you could put a tall green plant or from what I see in the pic you have some tall candlesticks in the other room? that small corner shelf is cute but the tall silver vase could be great in the foyer to add some sparkle. I would put a decorative mirror there facing into the foyer (if it reflects something beautiful from the other room). Or even put a chair rail going up the stairs. That small shelf ledge could actually go at the bottom on the stairs. the welcome chair could go on the porch? You have some beautiful things and if you group them together by style/type, you will make a better impact and statement about your style in that room.

  • East Coast Styler - Lisa East Coast Styler - Lisa on Mar 14, 2014
    For some reason the rug is throwing me off, maybe move it closer to the 2 doors (if it will fit) and turn it. I would remove the corner shelves on the stairs and put a nice picture/painting there as you head up the stairs. I would take the chair out of that spot and put that floor plant that you can see in the picture from the other room there. Hang a couple of small grapevine wreaths with some ribbon on each side of the folding doors for balance. The dollar store sells them. You could double them up because they are thin wreaths. Change out the decorations on the floating shelf and put the welcome sign up there. I would start by rearranging things and how it looks even after a day or two. Have fun with it. I'm constantly moving things around for different look. Some work and other don't. Follow with an update.

  • Lori J Lori J on Mar 14, 2014
    At the risk of offense, it seems like a dated space with a conflict between formality and some country softness. I think I would consider replacing the railing altogether and adding some molding to the back of your double entry doors to mirror the other doors. I would go for more contrast between your walls and trim, and probably let go the two tone doors.

  • Debbie DeMarais Debbie DeMarais on Mar 14, 2014
    Hi Linda, To emphasize the foyer I would remove all the accessories, place a dark colored bench between the staircase and doorway to the living room as a place to remove shoes, add a larger area rug with color, above the bench add a vertical image with color and remove the little shelves. Painting an accent wall can help as well. Good luck!

  • Linda Krull Linda Krull on Mar 14, 2014
    Thanks for the answers, but I'm still hoping for more ideas. The house was built in 1952 and everything is original - that is not a tile floor , it is marble. I should have explained that we do not use the front door except when we have large gatherings , so it doesn't have to be functional.

  • Vicki Anderson Pocopanni Vicki Anderson Pocopanni on Mar 14, 2014
    Linda, a consideration... I would paint what looks to be wrought iron stair railing back to a more natural color; probably black or dark brown. Lynette Jennings always said you needed a little black to anchor your room. Your pieces are nice but seem too small for the proportion of the space. I think I see you are trying to fit the space and not involve the stair well molding. I would also remove the shelf as it give you too much for the eye to follow. Consider a nice picture over your piece to tie in with you choices. I am a symmetrical person so everything has to balance to me. That is personal choice. I have a more narrow foyer and my dining room is offset from it. Once you decide your exact style go with that. Mine is traditional and Oriental or nature accent pieces. Here is a night and daylight photo. Good luck.

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    • Vicki Anderson Pocopanni Vicki Anderson Pocopanni on Mar 25, 2014
      @ @Anna Ibarra I missed this. I am glad you liked the idea. I hope I see the photo if you post the finished design. Maybe tag me in it. Hope it goes well.

  • Vicki Anderson Pocopanni Vicki Anderson Pocopanni on Mar 14, 2014
    Oh and just noticed that the first picture is the current setting. Tea set now moved to Dining room table. The marble floor is beautiful and you can tell it is older by the front entrance and moldings on the door.

  • Getting rid of the metal handrail opting for wood to match the opposite floor. Wooden stair treads with white risers wood help make a "grand entrance" feel. Speaking of entrances, the dated front doors need to be replaced with something with more glass to let in the outside light, then the folding doors could be replaced with a pair of "French doors" to use a common term perhaps with beveled glass, of even a pair of pocket doors for an even more classic look. The options are endless.

  • Katie Katie on Mar 14, 2014
    The marble floor is beautiful! You want to paint the railings black (but leave the brass accents the way they are). Do you use the bi-fold doors? If not, you could either remove them, or replace them with French doors. Do you carpet on the stairs? if yes, you could remove the carpet, stain the stairs a dark colour and paint the risers cream, the add a colourful stair runner with back and brass rods. Add a bigger area rug that has the same colour way as the stair runner. Replace the chandelier with a larger one that has some relation to the funky side-light by the door. Replace nobs and door handles with black or oiled bronze. It's a small space so you can really funk up the wall colour. A large mirror might be nice at the bottom of the stairs. If you don't want to a add colour to the walls, you might consider a large colourful rectangular piece of art on the wall going up the stairs. Show us the afters!!! Have a great time with it, and step outside your comfort zone a little. You might be surprised!

  • Kate Allen Kate Allen on Mar 15, 2014
    There are a lot of small pieces; perhaps remove the shelf from the stairs and the small shelf above the table. Either remove the rug entirely; move it just in front of the doors or replace it with a larger rug. A large piece of art on the hallway wall would work and it needn't be expensive. There are lots of ideas on line about creating something. I can see why you are using the small table because of the door. Did you consider removing the doors? You could put a larger piece there then. Good luck!

  • Moxie Moxie on Mar 15, 2014
    Interesting space...if it was mine, I would paint everything a light color to match the floor tile.(doors, trim, everything) to create calm and reduce challenge of what to look at. I would paint the metal railing black or anodized bronze look. I would pull the carpet from the stairs - stain the treads and landing to match the adjacent wood flooring to increase flow from room to room & make stenciled risers for the stairs with wood stain background and black/dark stain pattern in forground (I'm thinking something like a Greek boarder stencil( square maze like pattern not fluffy flowers). Then repeat the pattern around the tile floor close to walls (u can paint tile). Take away all the perimeter furniture and place a foyer table with top similar to floor tile for a vase of flowers (the pic looks like you would have room for a small one). Create a round-a-bout of sorts and create simple grandeur in the space and I think you will get the peace you were looking for with the neutrals. The space needs a stop - a focal point that allows for appreciation of the space as the focus widens. With all the doorway openings and stairs, mixed neutrals and objects the eye flutters. Perhaps add artwork that is special to you adjacent to the doorway you want your guest to gravitate towards to lead them in. What ever you do; good luck with your project and I had fun thinking about the space!

  • Linda Krull Linda Krull on Mar 16, 2014
    Thanks again everyone , I think I'm heading in the right direction . I'll post updates as I go !

  • L L on Mar 16, 2014
    I already like what you have done. The room now looks more polished, and more in size of the decor. I do feel, that less is more, in my decorating. You are now showcasing a better flow, look to the foyer.

  • Carolyn Rush Carolyn Rush on Mar 17, 2014
    I like what you have done too! I also think the railing would look great painted black. I don't think I would use the black wrought iron candlesticks. I agree with @L that "less is more"!