Backdoor Shoe Bucket

Jo Ann Spofford
by Jo Ann Spofford
3 Materials
2 Hours
I was tired of seeing those nasty workshop and backyard shoes sitting on the floor by the back door. Once again I go on the hunt looking through all of "junk" for something that I can decorate and put at the back door and use as a shoe organizer. I found an old bucket and knew I could use it just for that. My kitchen is green and blue. So my next hunt is to search through my paint shelves and find the colors I need to decorate the bucket.
Here's the bucket before anything was done to it.
I first got to cleaning it.
After cleaning the bucket I spray painted the inside with gold. I waited for each coat of paint to dry before moving on to the next color.
The next step was to spray the outside with a hammered black spray paint. Then I painted the rings around the bucket with green, blue and gold.
The completed project. Now sitting on the floor by my back door with those nasty shoes inside.
Now the shoes are organized in one place, no more mess!
Suggested materials:
  • Bucket   (had one in my save you my need it stash)
  • Black and gold spray paint   (Home Depot)
  • Green, blue and gold craft paint   (Hobby Lobby)
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