Easy to Build, Pallet Wood Hall Table.

by Shane_conlan
2 Materials
2 Days
I love pallet furniture and this wooden pallet project is no exception. Easy to build and costs very little money. Made entirely from old pallets and hardwood fence palings, Hall Tables are very practical and are suited for those narrow areas where a normal table would be to big.
I'm going to make a narrow Hallway stand/ table out of this pile of pallet scraps. I'm going to make it nice and rustic and very simple.
Tidy up the pallet boards, Make sure to de-nail the boards first.

I'm going to make the legs out of these 4 wide pallet boards. I'll join them together with my biscuit joiner. One set on one side and the other set on the other side.
tighten them up, throw some weights on top to keep it flat. Wait 24 hours and take a look at how they came out. Now just cut them to size. Roughly 34.5 inches.
I used a circular saw to cut them to size
Now its time to attach the top rail, using the biscuit joiner. ( Don't be shy with the glue). Put a couple nails to hold it in place.
The clamps that I had weren't long enough to span the entire distance, so I installed a block halfway along
 Now put the bottom shelf in.
Screw down a support piece for the bottom shelf. And then the slats on for the bottom shelf ( sand them first to make it easier to install)
Cut a couple of drawer faces into the top rail
Assemble the drawers. For the base of the drawers, I'm using a cement shape that I had lying around the shed. I added a stoper to the back for when the drawer is fully closed

Time to put the top on.
 Now give it a sand. Start with 80--> 120--> 180. Then give it a couple coats of varnish.
Suggested materials:
  • Pallets
  • Biscuit joiner
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