Console Table

3 Materials
10 Hours
My father had a handful of leftover wood pieces from a project, so I decided to use that scrap wood to make a table. It was the first project where I built something from scratch, as opposed to recycling old furniture. At the time, I was living in a nice, cozy apartment and I was looking for a stylish table that fit the space.
I had to cut the legs to an appropriate table length and I had large triangle-shaped pieces that I cut in half to make smaller triangles which I was able to use for decorative support. After cutting the wood to the sizes I needed, I gave everything a good sanding to ensure a smooth table.
I had three solid rectangle chunks of wood that worked perfect for the table top. I glued those together and then used a scrap piece of wood to secure all the pieces together.
Using wood glue, corner brackets, and a nail gun, I was able to piece everything together. I secured everything thoroughly and made myself a nice, sturdy table.
After stain and polyurethane, it turned into a gorgeous console table that was a perfect addition to my cozy apartment. Since the wood was leftover, all I had to purchase was the stain and polyurethane, which made the project less than $20!
Suggested materials:
  • Black and Decker jigsaw   (Ryobi nail gun)
  • Minwax mahogany stain   (Minwax polyurethane)
  • Ryobi sander
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