Metal Ceiling Tiles Give an Extravagant & Luxurious Look to Any Space

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by Ceiling Tiles By Us
Ever been to an amazingly beautiful restaurant whose ceiling was so unique, creative and inspiring? What about an extravagantly artsy office or retail space? Just as we get dressed and carefully select our outfits every day, we don't skimp on the shoes or skip the hair. So why neglect the ceiling? It makes a world of a difference to transform a plain boring white ceiling into a ceiling with character and class using Metal, PVC or Styrofoam ceiling tiles. Its almost as if your frizzy lifeless dull colored hair got a deep conditioning treatment, a keratin treatment, color and a blowout! Now imagine that you have popcorn ceilings (shriek) - that's like an eighties perm coupled with some bleach blonde... then imagine the difference it would make if you could cover that popcorn ceiling with beautiful PVC or Styrofoam tiles. BEST PART- No need to scrape or remove the popcorn! You just saved yourself countless hours and about a fistful of torn hair resulting from your frustration! I'll let some of these photos do the talking. Check out for the endless choices and don't hesitate to give them a ring - they are more than happy to help with any questions!
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