One Tile, Two Tile, Three Tiles, Four… Carpet Tile Craze!

After a long weekend, the master bedroom flooring project is done and we are ‘NLUV‘ with the results!

The details and your process matter so check out all the entire process in our full article.

Carpet tiles give you the opportunity to put a ‘soft’ personalized stamp on your space. You’re in the driver’s seat to please your feet! But, with all this talk of DIY, easy to install, no expensive tools or expertise needed, be realistic with the preparation, planning and total project time it will take to finish your vision. We don’t want you disappointed or bewildered by the process. If you create and follow a project plan, you’ll have a great time and a killer space when you’re done.

And remember… No home renovation project is perfect. You may hit a few snags along the way and that’s OK. Just stick to your plan, adjust if needed and when you reach the finish line, you’ll be smiling ear to ear! Here’s how we went from old baby blue plush carpet to a fresh, new custom quilted carpet design!

... Let's get right to the point! Here's a snippet on creating an amazing carpet design in your own space.

Check out all the details & our journey to carpet heaven. The process is so important to your success & we detailed it all out for you.

Realistically… Plan for it
Odds are you won’t complete the whole project in one day, unless you have lots of organized and trusted friends. We completed the master bedroom as a team of two across three days. The short schedule:
  • Day 1 – Demo and floor prep
  • Day 2 – Carpet tile install & staining new baseboards
  • Day 3 – Complex carpet tile cuts around doors & closets and baseboard/transition install
Could we have worked 16 hr days and gone faster? Sure, but why? Enjoy the process and your final result. Don’t hate the whole project because your body is so sore and your mind delirious by the end of the day because you did more physical labor in one sitting then you have in a month!

Project Plan
I keep mentioning the project plan you should create to help you. It can be basic and thorough at the same time. Ours wasn’t complicated, but it was thought out and helped keep us on track. Give it a try and build your own. Here’s the outline we used.
  1. Compare flooring options and decide carpet tiles are the right solution
  2. Find the right carpet tile style for your needs and pick a flooring company. Order samples and/or visit carpet stores at this point to help in the decision.
  3. MEASURE the room ACCURATELY accounting for all corners, doors, closets, etc.
  4. Draw the carpet grid ensuring no small carpet tile pieces will result and shift the grid for larger partial tiles against each edge accommodating ‘non perfect’ straight walls
  5. Place order of tiles with 10-15% overage for ‘oops’ moments and replacement tiles
  6. Clear out the room and demo old flooring. Ensure subfloor is acceptable and if not, address it.
  7. Snap chalk lines across the floor using your carpet grid to give you straight lines to build out from – center to edges
  8. Install carpet from the center out
  9. Cut all needed carpet tiles as you go to complete the room
  10. Install any baseboards and transitions to finish the space (if needed)
  11. Sit back and ENJOY your success!
Carpet tile installation is more about organization than construction skills. You will need a few tools to complete your space but nothing that will break the bank.

The basic tools
  1. Carpet tiles and adhesive tape (Should both come in your order. Make sure you get enough!)
  2. Measuring tape for building the grid and cutting carpet tiles
  3. Box cutter to cut tiles
  4. Paper and a pencil to draw your grid or if you want to get fancy, use a software program
  5. Chalk line
  6. Marker to draw cut lines on back of tiles
  7. Framing square to help with keeping the tiles in perfect alignment
  8. Hard surface to safely cut your tiles on (I used an old piece of hardboard)
Most of you probably have all these supplies in your garage or tool shed!

And after all this, you will see your design come to life! Pat yourself on the back. You deserve it. Share your carpet tile adventures & let's get more people on the bandwagon of cool carpet that's unique and creative to each of us!

A killer quilt under your feet! Be creative with textures and colors to create your one-of-a-kind space.
Get samples and visit carpet stores to help you decide.
Clear your space, snap that chalk line and get your tools ready to roll!
Draw out your grid to scale with all your measurements. Measure, measure, measure!
Put color and patterns into your grid to help with a more complex design.
Time to install and follow your grid.
You worked hard! Waking up each morning to a custom quilt under your feet is a great way to start your day. We are 'nluv' with the result.
Nluv Finish and Design Studio
Want more details about this and other DIY projects? Check out my blog post!
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  • SheilaFlorida SheilaFlorida on Jul 02, 2017
    Did you use Gorilla tape instead of the stickers that come with the tiles? I used the stickers and have found that they don't hold for very long. Should I use Gorilla tape and how - on the corners of the tiles only????

  • Yvonne Flihan Yvonne Flihan on Sep 24, 2017
    Can carpet squares be used on an outside wall for a different look and also to help insulate the wall, and would you use the dots or the tape to secure the carpet squares?

  • Rory McBean Rory McBean on Jan 31, 2018
    I will have to try this. I have three dogs who have totally trashed the carpet in the family room, their main hang out. Using carpet tiles would allow me to remove/replace dirty ones. The major obstacle is that I have too many heavy pieces of furniture, including a small piano that does not have wheels. Does anyone out there have ideas for dealing with this issue? Thank you!

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  • Glenda Faye Asbury Hepp Glenda Faye Asbury Hepp on Jun 08, 2017
    I want to take out the carpet in my craft room and put down the wood look vinyl strips. Will this lower the value of house as it could be marketed as 5 bedrooms and the size of the 3 car garage it is over.

    • That sounds like a great question for a local Real Estate agent. It's all about your market! It can be heartbreaking to decorate how we want (and love it) and then not have it be something others like. I follow the mantra that I will make my house perfect the way I want it but anything I do is reversible or not impossible to change if I needed to for resale.

  • Nancy J. Hill Nancy J. Hill on Jun 13, 2017
    You did a beautiful job and including the pictures with your bed in them really demonstrates how well the two elements compliment each other! The bright colors you chose really lighten up you room! Pat yourself on the back for a job well done!

    • Thanks Nancy! I'm also refinishing the bed frame and can't wait to put the bed back on it. Then a new comforter cover in a fun green color will play off the carpet tiles!