Can I put ceramic tile over vinyl flooring

by MarilynHarmon
  11 answers
  • Alyssa Alyssa on Aug 21, 2017
    I wouldn't recommend it. Vinyl has enough "give" to it that your ceramic tile would probably crack, especially along the grout lines. Tile should really be laid over a cement-based backerboard.

  • Barbara Stanley Smith Barbara Stanley Smith on Aug 21, 2017
    We put ours down over vinyl in our bathroom. we had no problem. The adhesive went on , then space the ceramic tile and insert the spacers. Let sit the required time and remove spacers and grout. Let dry. The only problem I can see you would have is if your vinyl is not stable.

  • Des6698269 Des6698269 on Aug 21, 2017
    Yes, you can. I layed tiles over mine a year ago!

  • William William on Aug 21, 2017
    My former inept son-in-law did this over textured vinyl tiles. The grout and some tiles popped right up after a few months. Sheet vinyl, flat vinyl tiles would not be a problem as long as it is solid and stable.

  • Manoj Makhijani Manoj Makhijani on Aug 22, 2017
    Definitely not bit the other way around. Tile on vinyl- No and vinyl on tile - Yes. Just like the other post stated that tile is heavy and vinyl will give and cannot handle the weiget and movement. Sorry for long short answer

  • Wil27034964 Wil27034964 on Aug 22, 2017
    NO Instead glue and nail 1/4" Hardi Backer cement board on top of it...use construction adhesive and 1 1/2 " roofing nails...I used Thinset rather then adhesive because I was using 12 by 12 tiles ....If you use the sheets of small tiles adhesive would work fine....hardi backer comes in 3 by 5 pieces...

  • Joe10445128 Joe10445128 on Aug 22, 2017
    My tile ( he's italian), guy did our over the vinyl flooring About 5 years ago and it's great, no problems. I was so glad because it was a lot less messy than having to rip out all the vinyl first.

  • JudyH JudyH on Aug 22, 2017
    Professional, very reputable contractor told me you SHOULD lay tile on top of vinyl IF the vinyl is solid sheet on a concrete foundation because the glued down vinyl helps stabilize the tile. If you are not on a concrete foundation (have a crawl space or a basement under the area you are tiling, then you need the backer board. My home is on concrete foundation and we put tile over vinyl years ago and it is still perfect. Hope this info helps!

  • JudyH JudyH on Aug 22, 2017
    BTW, disagree with Manoj! Vinyl over tile is a No-No. Vinyl will settle into tile grout lines over time and be visible, especially with heavy foot traffic.

  • Doreen Kennedy Doreen Kennedy on Aug 27, 2017
    It's best to put Hardi-backer board down first. Hardi backer is not that expensive and will make the surface stable enough to lay tile down.