How to replace hardwood floor boards?

by Melissa
There is a line of missing oak floorboards where we removed the wall. How do we fill in the missing wood Floorboards?

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  • V Smith V Smith on Dec 15, 2017
    Been there, done that. If it is strip flooring you shouldn't have too much trouble filling the space in, but you may need to rip some pieces and that will require some table saw skills. If your home has some age to it there is a good chance that today's wood will not match the existing flooring in thickness. Not a problem if you plan on sanding and refinishing. If you have plank flooring, and you can find matching wood you may need to remove a little more of the old flooring before you can start laying in new planks. And of course you can always hire a professional to do the work. If it's a small enough job it may just be time and material.

  • Sharon Sharon on Dec 15, 2017
    I would try an architectural recyler, they usually have lots of old flooring. You could also try Habitat for Humanity Restore for some pieces. You could also rob some pieces from closets to fill in the missing areas. Just put plywood down in the closet to replace missing hardwoods.

  • Holly Kinchlea-Brown Holly Kinchlea-Brown on Dec 15, 2017
    You will have to remove some of the boards on each end of the line and perhaps the two sides as well so that you can stagger the joins of the wood pieces to get the new pieces blend with your existing...

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