How do I choose luxury vinyl floor?


Recommendations for luxury floor vinyl. Is big box store good quality

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  • Beverly Beverly on Jan 16, 2019

    I went to the big box store and then I went to a small local retailer I was very pleased with the local small company. I had lots of attention, took home tons of samples and they came out and did all the measuring themselves. Installers they had come were really good too. I go local as much as I can.

  • Shore grandmom Shore grandmom on Jan 16, 2019

    I'm not sure if quality on flooring is different at big box stores, but I know for a fact that their plumbing fixtures are different than a plumbing supply store. I'd do some research if that's where you want to get it. When I buy supplies for a renovation, I get them from a store that specializes in that product.

  • Tinyshoes Tinyshoes on Jan 18, 2019

    Shirley....We love the wood vinyl look we selected for our basement. It is called "Happy Feet". There are lots of colors. Hope you look it look and find what you want.

  • Kelly Denoyer Russell Kelly Denoyer Russell on Jan 18, 2019

    I was told by a flooring company to skip Menards and go to Lowe’s for better quality. Then like carpet look at the lifetime quality listed. It’s a lot like carpet. Most expensive and better quality will give you better mileage. Cheaper will be like 7 years. The wood vinyl planking is beautiful and very durable for traffic and pets and in demand right now.

  • 17335038 17335038 on Jan 18, 2019

    Beware of any guarantee or warranty that uses the words 'lifetime'. This does not mean your lifetime. What this term really means is the lifetime of the product, or certain aspects of the product, which can vary a great deal according to quality, brand, and price.