Asked on Jun 08, 2015

Basement floor stain

Joanne Freeley
by Joanne Freeley
My basement floor got badly stained when the oil burner broke & rusty water spilled all over my basement floor. I'm unable to clean up the rust after spending $30. Are there any Has any talented people ever painted a vinyl tile floor? Thanks, joanne
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  • Sharon Russell Sharon Russell on Jun 09, 2015
    Our basement was/is old cracked concrete and several different colors due to being poured at different times. We sealed the cracks, and bought a couple of gallons of Epoxy. Painted the floors a continuous tan in all the rooms, then I went around with some gold glitter, and sprinkled it ( think Fairy Dust) here, and there. It's gorgeous and everyone just loves it. It lightened the basement up too, and when the lights are on, the kids sometimes "follow the fairy dust trail". It's magical :-D

  • Barbara McGovern Barbara McGovern on Jun 09, 2015
    I painted a vinyl bathroom floor. Eventually the paint wore off in areas, but it held up pretty well, considering traffic and humidity. If the floor has a glossy surface, make sure to dull it first. You may want to use Kilz paint as a primer where you had the spill.