Line Up Plywood For Planking

Pull up the carpet and nail down each plank. Get tutorial here

Put Down Laminate Flooring

Choose a gray toned flooring to begin laying down, then peel and stick down in place. Get tutorial here

Stencil Concrete For Faux Wood

Choose a wood grain patterned stencil, apply paint onto the roller, and begin at the edge of the floor. Get tutorial here

Paint Marbling On Your Floors

Paint the floor white as a base coat, put painter’s tape down in a grid, and squiggle black paint for the crackle. Get tutorial here

Roll Out Contact Paper For Fake Wood

Clean down your floors first, then roll out the contact paper. Get tutorial here

Layout Cork For Padding

Put down an underlayment beforehand, and place down the cork flooring one at a time. Get tutorial here

Spread And Measure Out Shiplap

Begin laying the floor lined with tongue and groove adhesive, then nail down with Ryobi. Get tutorial here

Save Over $5,000 By Putting In Hardwood

Place vapor wave between the subfloor and the plywood barrier, and then proceed to put down the hardwood. Get tutorial here

Brush A Paisley Print On Your Basement Floor

Paint the base of the floor black, and fill in a paisley stencil with white paint. Get tutorial here

Stencil A Bright Colorful Pattern

Prep the floor with a primer, and roll over a floral stencil with chalk paint. Get tutorial here

Decorate The Bathroom Floor In Gray

Remove the previous linoleum flooring and after laying the tiles grout them. Get tutorial here

Mix And Match Carpet Tiles

Draw out your grid to scale with measurements and cut down the various carpet patterns with a box cutter. Get tutorial here

Paint Over Your Floor

Rip up the debris left over from the carpet, paint a light gray on the top of the floor, and coat with polyurethane. Get tutorial here

Brush Paint On Vinyl Flooring

Paint with a tinted primer the color of the walls, and paint 2 to 3 layers on the floor with color of choice. Get tutorial here

Coat Paper Bags All Over

Tear the bags into chunks and soak in glue, then spread on the floor sealed by resin. Get tutorial here