Stencil it for a new look

What’s great about vinyl floors, is that you can paint them however you like. Get tutorial here

Or turn it into intricate tiles

This was really just painted over, but the effect is astounding. Get tutorial here

Give your laundry room a faux wood floor

These peel and stick faux wood boards transformed this bland laundry room into a laundry oasis. Get tutorial here

Cover up your old tiles with easy vinyl

She didn’t like her linoleum floors, so these vinyl tiles were the perfect (and easy) answer. Get tutorial here

Install a new floor in one go

With just one sheet, this bathroom got a new personality. Get tutorial here

Paint your floor to match

Did you know you could paint your vinyl floors? We didn’t. Get tutorial here

Grout vinyl tile to make it look real

Except it’s vinyl is costs a whole lot less than real tile. Get tutorial here

Lay them out in stripes and patterns

Your floor will be totally unique with this cool pattern. Get tutorial here

Or give it a darker feel with black paint

Going for a galaxy themed floor, this vinyl flooring provided the perfect canvas for this kitchen. Get tutorial here

Renovate your kitchen with faux wood

This stunning kitchen floor looks high-end, but it really didn’t cost much at all. Get tutorial here

Transform your floor without the price

This DIY floor saved them thousands of dollars, and it looks incredible! Get tutorial here