Four Nifty Uses for Velcro

by BrightNest
You probably stopped sporting Velcro shoes when you hit puberty, but this hook-and-loop fastener can do more than "tie" a kid's kicks! Use it around the house to organize, secure and even decorate. Here are four of our favorite uses:
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Anchor Cushions. Colorful cushions really spice up an outdoor living space, but one gust of wind can turn your lawn into a chair-cushion obstacle course. Keep your cushions on your chairs with a little bit of Velcro!
Secure Wrapping Paper. If you have half-used wrapping paper for every occasion – from holidays to birthday parties to high school graduations – it can become unraveled during prolonged storage.
Organize Toys. Are stuffed animals taking over your living room? Give your kids' furry friends a hanging home with Velcro. Tack a strip or two of Velcro on the wall of the playroom or children's bedroom.
Corral Cords. See if this sounds familiar: Many of the tables and desks in your home are hiding an ugly cord secret. An abundance of gadgets and a lack of organization has turned the area into a messy, tangled-cord jungle.
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