Garden planter boxes, benches and trellises built for the World Equestrian Games in Lexington, KY.

Christian Henkel Carpentry
by Christian Henkel Carpentry
Created from recycled barn lumber and tobacco sticks to reflect Kentucky's history and culture.
small planter boxes
Tobacco stick fence and planter boxes on site at the World Equestrian Games
Garden trellis/entry archway at World Equestrian Games' Kentucky display
Simple but elegant garden bench made from recycled distillery wood. Again, at the World Equestrian Games Kentucky display.
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  • James A James A on Feb 09, 2011
    Really cool. Looks like some of the best from Appalachian art. What are tobacco sticks, made from the tobacco plant?

  • the sticks were hewn from hardwood trees and were used to spear the plants and hang them to cure in barns - several plants on each stick, hung from the rafters in the barns. The sticks were used for the fence and the X's on the planter boxes.