Got an Hour? Get Back on Top of Home Maintenance!

by BrightNest
Truth time. Are you being proactive about home maintenance? You probably want to be on top of it, but it's easy to get a little off track and then wind up totally off the rails. Once that happens, getting the home-maintenance wheels rolling again can feel like returning to the gym after a six month "resting" phase (read: impossible).
We can help make it easier! In fact, it'll take less time than an episode of Mad Men. Here are six tasks that you can bang out in under an hour.
1. Change your furnace filter. Changing your furnace filter is like stretching – it only takes a few minutes and can prevent major injuries and problems (a broken furnace can hurt your wallet to the tune of $5,000!). So go find your furnace, pull out the dirty filter and replace it with a new one. It's that easy. If you're not sure if it's dirty, keep in mind that it should be white. If you see any other color, it's time to change it!
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